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We are an independent sourcing agency that specializes in doing business with India. Our mission is to help our partner companies grow through honesty and integrity by procuring quality products from ethical sources in South Asia. We aim to be the hands and feet of our clients in all areas of the procurement process through our value-added services that ensure products meet quality standards. We believe a good client relationship will always trump short-term financial gains.

About Us

Our agents on the ground in India are all born, raised, and sent out of the USA. They have the benefit of a natural Western eye on top of their training. Every one of our agents has lived abroad, in India, for multiple months to multiple years. The cultural and language acquisition acquired helps bridge the gap in communication.

Why India?

As an emerging country and market, the manufacturing industry has yet to be weighed down by middle men and an abundance of low-quality products. For decades China has been the go-to place for product sourcing. We have nothing against sourcing from China. Yet, there are opportunities for higher quality products at lower prices in other countries.


Our strategy is to connect you directly to the manufacturer. We handle price negotiation, quality control, shipping and logistics, all to make sure you get the best product at the best price. What is in it for us? Long term business partnerships that are more than happy to pay a 10% service fee built into the landed price so that you barely even know it is there.


Call, email, or fill out a product request quote below. The more details on predicted quantity, target price, and product specs the better. Often, we will ask for a sample from you. We will connect with vetted manufactures, get a sample made, and figure out a landed cost for you at your zip code. From there, you decide to source the product or not!

Our vision is to facilitate global products to all places in an ethical way. We call this a win-win-win.

We have long and established relationships with manufactures and agents throughout India and South Asia.  We are equipped for supply chain management and are continuing to grow in both expertise and knowledge for South Asia product procurement. We are a relational group that understands the complexities of manufacturing in India for the Western marketplace. Headquartered in Tulsa, OK, we have a satellite offices in Delhi. The capital allows easy access to the four corners of the country in order to have a consistent and personal presence with our partnering factories.

Our Areas of Specialty

The six reasons below are the bread and butter of why we know you will continue to use us for every order.

Quality Control

Someone has to inspect the product during production and before shipment. We have Westerners on the group 24/7/365 in India that handle the quality control.


We handle all the logistics of shipping and customs/duties to give you a landed price at your deliver zip code. No surprise fees or costs and you will have a final price before you make the decision to place an order.

Product Research

We want to be the experts on which country produces the best quality product you are looking for. As we continue to grow and expand, we are continuing to partner with new manufacturers in Southeast Asia countries who bring the highest quality to their own areas of specialty.

Vetted Companies

When we find a trustworthy company that manufactures quality products with integrity, we keep going back! The companies we connect you with in India are personally vetted by us.


If you work with India, you have to know to how bargain! We add a flat 10% fee to product cost as our service fee. So we work to get you the lowest cost we can so that you keep coming back to the same manufacturer.


You might be wondering why we would put integrity as an area of specialty? Simply because that is our highest priority in every aspect of our company. If we win in only one thing, we want it to be integrity.

The Right Choice

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